Pearl Alexis Wathuto David:  23 years old Motswana writer. A poetess, she writes poetry and performs spoken word poetry, a script writer, author(unpublished), and mentor. Member of ROOTED (Botswana).

Some day, I would like to get one of my works published. I have been working on a ‘mother novel’ which has giving birth to other works in progress since 2007 while I was in high school at Saint Joseph’s College, Kgale. I never studied literature until attending United World College Mahindra College, India. Contrary to my love for writing, I am currently volunteering as a manager of an NGO here in Botswana: Botswana Student Network.

I am a born again Christian, member of Shekinah Tabernacle Family Worship Center. You will find my spirituality in a lot of my shares. I am mother who believes in family. I was brought up by parents who encouraged my writing as well as reading other writers works. This has impacted me very positively and I am forever grateful for them.

I hope you can relate to what I share and get a glimpse of Botswana through my eyes.

Have an Inspiring day!



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