Sharing Days

Everyday has themes I will explore and anything else you like to read.

Sunday Sights
Images about writing.

Spiritual Sundays
Writes on how to connect to the soul as well as others’. Not relugious but spritual. Inner being things.


Monday Mornings
Tips about starting the week. Explore new routines, activities, hobbies and habits.

Monday Madness
Write crazy, unusual ideas. Explore the past, present and future through what I have done and what people have done.


Tuesday Thoughts
I will share quotes, tips by other people as a form of inspiration. Sometimes, it may be a response to such lines or just themselves.

Time Travelling Tuesdays
Write about the past, family histories, Botswana cultural practices and personal travels.


Wednesday Wonders
The mysteries of the world especially Botswana.

Wednesday Whispers
There is nothing fun like a midweek gossip scoop. This is about all things juicy and scandalous.


Thrilling Thursdays
The unknown, suspense and actions of crimes and ingestigations.


Fashion Friday
Write on fashion trends and everything clothing related. Fashion critics.

Friday Fiction
Unreal Stories that narrate other’s experienceS and other Worlds.

Sporty Sauturdays
Time to relax and talk Sports. Its not analytical or complicated but it sure is sporty and entertaining.

Saturday Soul Songs
writes about songs which touch our Souls and make us realize the strength Of music.

Have an inspiring day!



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