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This needs to be done.

Until we teach boys that teasing are not jokes, they are a foundation to hurt.

That they will grow up into abuse, thinking it’s cool when it’s not.

That the names they call girls and the way they treat them is not right.

That they should recognize their humanity and cry when in pain.

That they lose nothing in being a man who doesn’t make others worthless.

Until we teach young girls to respect their bodies.

To not display them in the name of fashion and rights.

To speak up when been done wrong. To use words as the weapon.

We tell them that a girl is precious. We make them feel precious.

We instill self love and make it an inprenetable wall to protect themselves.

And when we remove this ‘man are stronger and better’ and we make boys and girls know and realize their potential to be a different and intended generation.

A generation that heals, that mends, that loves.

We remove the stigma, the gossip and the divisions.

Only can we win gender based violence. Because then we will be just human.

As of now, our praises to men who beat women.,

Our shared laughs to men who beat men,

Our cycle of never ending emotional and verbal abuse,

Our lose and hurtful expressions in the name of cool,

Our degenerate disrespect towards our elders.

Will leave us just as animals.

It starts from the beginning.

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Love became

wanted to be whole.
But I was broken
I was stolen
You left a hole
Inside this heart
And I can’t be.
The hurt parts,
Branding fists
The mocking songs
The open wounds.
You became the knife
And the salt to my life
You cut
I still bleed.
It can’t stop.
This can’t scab,
I gave you too much.
Just for your touch.
Now I hide
Eyes wide
I seek refuge in strangers
I ignored the dangers.
For their pain
I could control
Not yours
Not your concrete stains.
You drained me.
You made me hate love
Love became the abuse
Being used
Being weak
Being broken
I just want to be whole
But I can’t be the same
I bare the scars
The memories…