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Blue Mondays

I will


You in your sleep

Keep this deep

Feeling of you stealing

Pieces of me

Tucked away buried with you…
Its true.

Hues of blue

Blur out this silent shout:

‘I am stuck on you like glue!’

Dont you have a clue?

This is,

‘I am dreading Monday’

Cause it holds my anxiety

Like my next dreams.

In whose breathes

I get closer to dying.

In trying

To not be less poetic

For this love is toxic.

The topic is that,

Mondays are blue,

Especially those filled

With her crushing on you.

My sky, moon and stars.

I have yearned to align with you

Become a constellation

Of emotion

As I birth our sun

Burning with energy.

Yet gravity

Pulls me back to reality.

Then my muse

Becomes a ruse.

You leave me blue,

Saddened that my pride

Restricts me to tag you anyway.

For the days

She portrays you 

have me hating

Mondays in ways 

I cant explain.

This pain.
Hues of blue

Blur out this silent shout

This ground

Mutes my sound

I found comfort in 

Wanting your face in my book

The inspiration look

That hook that took

Parts of me

Cant you see?

I write books

Of how your face took

Resedence in this heart.

Calm me down

For I drown

Into you

Each day

In each way

I pray

You stay

Mine…but you never

Belonged to me

In any time.
But its true

You are not a crush

So I will not rush

To blush.

Its much more

Its sore

It hurts to the core.



Lover of ARTS and life. Inspired by water. Poetess. Scriptwriter. Songwriter. Singer. Volunteer. Avid reader. Actress. Mother.

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