Give me you

Till the pen dries, paper finishes and my arm hurts. I will write about you.
And the words would breathe life into you. So that I wouldn’t be thinking of phrases for eulogies. For this pain can’t be shared…

I bury my friend. But never the memories in the moments that bound us. Never. I hold on. To your smile in each wink.

I think I am stronger now. I realize how you’ve never needed me as much as I did you. Your comfort. I miss. Your laughter. I miss. You.

Time cannot heal or enable me to deal with goodbyes. Because the ways you stole my soul at hello, were more than once.

So Return If Possible. Give me back the air which was you. Give me the strength you fought for life but couldn’t no more. Give me you.

© P.A.W. 


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