The skin kin

I am a private person

My skin is the reason

I can withstand any season.

It remains, unchanged, unaltered.

Even though it is seen most often,

it is the shade

which reflects origin,

the roots of where I have been

the song sang by those before me

My skin is not for show,

it is the tone

which echoes home

which resembles my own

the colour that crowns


It is my race,

I do not have to save face

You can trace

where my footprints have made

impacts, in fact, I am a continent,

My seeds have been

planted across the world.

I am an African woman

taught to preserve dignity,

not to display the parts best reserved for my man.

I have learnt to love the skin

that defines me

and I have defied those who

await to drag my identity

by likening it to infidelity.

This skin is me

its us

its a private thing.

And that is the reason

why I am a private person.


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