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I got over you

We are not doing this again,

we are not doing this anymore.

It hurts to the core

but you’ve managed to ignore

my real pain.

To understand reflexes

are not planned

but are birthed from months of frustration.

I have been afrai

that I will be an emotional wreck

but you’ve wrecked me more.

So truth is, I got over you

Over our fights

and me wishing I’d never spend nights

seeking for my knight.

So what ever is it you have as a band aid

keep it.

My heart was full of rage

Because I;ve been unable to fly

from this cage

yu called love.

Well above and beyond,

I have orchestrated months of happiness

made dreams my reality

despite being a mess.

And the fact of the matter is

I got over you

The moment my emotions

were able to claw back

from the rabbit hole

you pulled me in,

away from the world.

I got over you.

It is clear you did to

so let us not pretend

you intended to break me.