To you… From me…

The mind had decided that we were one. The mouth declared with no intention to hurt but to declare the heart had found a home in you. The decision was premature cause the ears had heard another speak of you and her as one. The eyes would rather go blind than to find your hands holding another. So yes! Somewhere between I was scared to lose you and I was overwhelmed with fellings for you I said, we were one. It was not a drunk state but maybe it was, that you were sober in love and I, drunk. This heart had sunk in the presence of you. Your essence encapsulated me whole. So I told one jealous soul without knowledge that soon, this fantasy would have diffused this far. I hope you did not refuse that you didn’t know me cause you do. You know my sensitivity and its truth. You know my fear, my dear that its not having you near. Where I can feel the beat of your beating heart, close. Through it all, I’m sorry I lied…


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