Loving, living, loving

I’ve fallen in love with the one I’ve spent days admiring and nights dreaming about.
He visited late night and let me into his world.
I could have been dreaming but it was so real.
His hands touched me and healed these broken beart wounds.
Just like I thought he would.
He sang me songs of his heart.
He let me taste the sweet tears that left his eyes.
But we could never walk away or ignore.
For this is real and true.
He took me into a spin, roller coaster ride.
He let me hide my heart in his.
I’d never get up from this fall.
Loving you is an amazing feeling
Opening my pain and healing it again.
Possibilities are endless with you around.
And my mind can’t keep you away
Nothing can remake this day, this morning, this date.
Good mornings have drowned me in this fall…


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