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We used to be raindrops
Falling in love with the Earth.
We were dangerousouly generous
Cause we came in strong and flooded.
We loved too quickly, too intensely.
Young hearts loved so easily.
We were silly, the world would say.
But look at us, were we are today.
I must admit, I prayed you stayed.
That time did not have to determine us.
But you caught up
With the needs of the Earth
Whilst I still needed us.
You preoccupied yourself  with soothing Earth off heat and
Healing her broken skin.
Not once did you not
Sew my broken heart.
We held onto clouds
We proudly hoovered the skies
Holding onto lies about love
Above all, beyond what eyes
Can see and ears comprehend.
We used to be raindrops.
But we lost grip
Of the other when the Earth’s winds came and told us we barely knew
Each other as if that was new to us.
Then you swayed with the winds
And we were lost at sea…

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Tell me through words

I prefer words over emoticons. I feel the smiley faces are not much expressive as words unless its my actual face sent. I don’t have to decipher words although dressed with overwhelming emotions most times they make more sense.

Words convey much more pleasant and plausable messages and they say more, touch more, care more. And so yes I am that type, that hand writes on paper and hand delivers because words say things as they were. And instead of leaving you guessing or searching for sarcasm through emoticons I could have told you my feelings.

I feel its not justified for someone to pain stakingly struggle with making a comprehensive outline of how they feel only to be replied with an emoticon.

I feel its annoying to try to understand a wish through emoticons, its criminal to congratulate or comment in a thread or post without words especially for birthdays and holidays.

Lets face it emoticons are the easy way out that makes the other person at the end of the communication line to feel talked to. But its words that matter most.
Well atleast to me and this is a crucial fact about me.

Thank You for passing by. I appreciate You.

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Thank You

All we need is ‘Thank you’. All the time. But more often than not, we do not even get it from people who are family. They take for granted your presence as if you will always be there. For them to make you fell less apprecited each day. Cause to them all you will ever be is an additional member whose duties are always to work for them and never socialize.

When our efforts of being a daughter are not encouraged, what then is the point of her doing the same thing again? A ‘thank you’ goes a long way in proving you care. But not one where you just say out of expectation without meaning. That one does not matter.

One can never know if they made an impact for you if you don’t let them. Because some people care for you more than we think but we wont ever feel the care if we don’t make them see that they matter. A friend who listens to you, makes time for you is a person who deserves thanks. Not everyone can do that. Not everyone puts you first.

It hurts to do almost everything humanly possible to please the other but it kills the spirit when effort is never applauded.

So at this point, I’d like to say THANK YOU for reading my posts. Its the like that counts. Lets appreciate each other.