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Being alone

Loneliness creeps in like uninvited air through an open window at night.
He tells you that you need to let him inside.
And makes you heavy hearted and head filled with thoughts.
He befriends your dreams and in wake, you realize the lies he weaved for you and you become empty as reality is cruel.
You feel hollow like a vaccum and only tears become your refuge.
Loneliness hovers around and marks his presence when two lovers have a moment in front of you.
Feeling the ache for a touch or a hug that would shake off the lone soldier within.
He comes and cradles you while you look at the fan on the window and know you are alone.
Or worse when you are in the company of people and still feel the throbbing splinters of pain severing through your heart.
Only the pillow and the music knows how to console and keep him away.
Only a room with no one but you can relieve you from feeling alone.
Loneliness knows how to make you sad and content all at once.
But only if you let him.