I’m not a pastor’s daughter. I’m human.

One thing why society never progresses, its the bubble they keep us in.
Just because your father is a pastor, you ought to act like a pastors daughter. One who mutes her youth because apparently being fun, going clubbing, taking road trips is forbidden. They forget that you can have a different approach to life and that you cannot just be someone’s daughter without being someone. Someone who doesn’t necessacirily have the same faith or no faith at all.

They forget that faith is a connection one has with God. Not how you talk, dress or write. Still the very same people take credit for crippling your explorations when they never had no obligation to be when they had their time.The right to become who you are destined to be, does not come from the expectations society ties you up with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should binge on alcohol and drug ourselves to death. We just need to let go of what societies say about you because in the end, you live alone and die alone. So I’m an advocate for youth. We need to live a little.

There should be room to live. To breathe without fear that wearing shorts, twerking, getting a tattoo or simply voicing an opinion is only reserved for the ‘unworthy’. Honestly, you need a past to look back on and see how God intervened. You need to make mistakes in order to correct what they future may give you. You need purpose to be saved from ‘sin’ as they phrase. But before all this, recognising being human and celebrating it will set us free. And choose to not live out of fear to please society but only to have a connection with God while you are youthful.