Let’s talk

Can we talk?
About embarrassing, uncomfortable and scary things.
Talk about our fears, nightmares and failures.
Not just the pretty dreams and fairy tales
Cause life is not that.
If I am sharing yours with mine
Narrate to me who you are:
Who you have been throughout time.
Tell me how you get angry
How you cry and try to remain the man
You are pressured to become.
Tell me about your weaknesses;
Situations which melt your heart.
Not just pillow talk which always
Aims for a smile.
While we mask the bad part.
Let me into the ugliness of it all.
Childhood traumas and past events.
I want to know how you vent.
Today I need to know you
In every way.
This surface talk drains me.
We always paint woderful things
Admiring glass on tables
Not the beauty of shattered pieces.
We always sing songs of love
Forgetting our calling
To love ourselves before the other.
But we still bother.
Say ‘I love you’ when there is
Too much going on.
And I want the ‘behind the scenes’
Not the perfected movie.
So can we talk?
And walk through life
I can’t just be your wife
With a ring as a validation
There has got to be more bond in our shared emotion.


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