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Heart lamentations

Rainbows are scarce these days.
Rain forgot to soothe the cracks of Earth
And we are still trying to catch butterflies.
Still carving our names on trees, inside hearts.
But we can no longer be the same.
Lust rusted the trust of love we thought to last.
The past put pain where we least expected.
And took away the only star you knew by name.
Our constellation has moved since then.
Shapes of loneliness blanket us with dimmed, fading sparks lead to the end.
And the universe is not kind no more.
We try to find words for specific events
But life ends. All the time. Everyday.
And it hurts to the core.
Eulogies have to be said.
Every one unique to the other.
Every one with its own pain.
Even though we wonder….
‘Do they really hear us?’