No make up needed.

‘Beautiful’ is you.

Who spends time looking for truth

On glass that reflects what you want to see.

The world may not say it

but your hair, body and skin make you.

Just the way you are.

Your skin color is your own shade.

No need to cover up with powders

and conceal your natural tattoos.

You are more than that.

More than lashes you struggles with

or the blushes you highlight your cheeks with.

More than eyebrows you tweeze in pain

in order to gain likes on social media.

By people you haven’t even seen.

Your hair is that way

To make you unique to the world.

No need trying to fit in

With imported hair to look different.

Because what you are running from

is what others are running into.

Embrace those curves

Leave your hair be

You will see that ‘Beautiful’ is you

Who shies away from cultural heritage

and hiding behind who you are not.

Dresses and skirts are not for the old only.

No need putting on pants to prove a point.

You are more than that.

More than jeans and jackets

You are still powerful nonetheless.

We were never supposed to be the same body shape,

shade nor size.

We were born to be wise and love us first.

Beauty is different and beauty is you.

Not what you make yourself be.