Its not our time

Once, I let you in , into the hurt and pain, into the unforgettable , the unforgiveable. I did not let you in to explore the pain, nor let you feel inadequate. I let you in because I believed that you could heal me but you had your own plans . Plans that span from lying to me about loving. Foolishly I let you in into this heart that loves so easily. I must say though, the pain you caused was more than what you found me with.

I believed in fairytales, in princesses and princeswho find eachother royal enough to wed. Instead of trying to know more of you , I decided that days spent stalking you on Facebook would make me know you. I forgot that the web can be deceiving and that the nights spent receiving you through inboxes late -night would be enough to know who you were.

But I gave the world first priority to my dreams, to have it narrate to me you through pages and site, comments and likes because I was too shy to let you see the cry when you never spoke to me in real life. Yet here I was in front of our friends and fans. You ask me to marry you and the pressure is felt. It is not the heart that melts but in wonder how can you pledge my love with your life when you lie with man, my love?


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