Conversations With Pearl Alexis Wathuto David

The Odyssey of Afro Artivism

Pearl Alexis Wathuto David is a multi-talented writer who is well-versed in the different types of writing such as written and spoken word poetry, script-writing and fiction writing. She talks to me about how her life experiences has inspired her to write her soon to be published novel Five Years of Silence.

Gaamangwe: When did you start writing and what inspires you?

I started writing seriously in 2008. Water inspires me.

Amazing. What about water inspires you?

It’s composition, it’s functions, it’s complexities, it’s serenity, it’s bodies, it’s anger, it’s danger, it’s physicality. What it envokes.

What does it evoke within you?

Stir up emotions.

Awesome. How would you describe the type of writing you do?

It’s abstract. I try to exclude making it personal.

What genre are you inclined to?

Thriller, suspense, dark humor.

Which African writer (s) has influenced you?

Lauri Kubuitsile. Her writing is inspiring, and personal…

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