It is not over

I still have to forget how to remember the way my feet would swell each time I journeyed to your heart. It hurt so much to be apart from you. From us. And even if I lost me and you lost you. I still needed to reflect myself on our broken mirror. Because it was the only medium that I could make you see how much you have made me need you.

It will be like the first time I heard you speak to my heart. How it broke when you could not understand the way my mouth moved to give out sounds that told you my heart belonged to you. It will be like the first day you said hello, to my eyes. With those hands that were creative enough to write your name on my heart and take the bigger part. And you stayed. You sprayed your breathe like graffiti across my canvas and when I breathed it in, I became different. So it is not over till I am able to let go of how you make my mind dance with thoughts of you. Or how your voice ignites memories that become real and nostalgia over and over again.

And the pain would not matter anymore….


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