with you

We walked till our feet hurt, till sweat ran over us and we were wet. The weather though windy, served no purpose. Still, we walked. Till we reached the place we had been wanting to go to for the longest of times. In that place, I found the letters you once wrote me. And even if their ink had faded, I still could make out what you said. As we walked, I examined how your silhouette danced under the sun and it was beautiful.

You told me that I was going to realize how my heart beats for you. And even if I had doubted, I still thought of how much we would put out into the world for it to see. And the mirrored emotions dazed me because you reflect a lot of me into the world. So as we walk into the forest of infinite passion, hold my hand, I know not much of of it, yet I yearn to lean. With you.


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