Love never leaves you

When I read those words again, I felt a certain rush, the same one I felt the time I read them for the first time. Even if it had been a while seeing those words, I still could not wrap my mind around the fact that they had not lost their meaning. That when you said, “I love you”, you meant it.

I went around the house to walk on the floor you had walked in. I swear, the air still had the scents of you. Of your cologne. I saw the pillow you rested on after a hard days work. You were so strong. Even after sleepless nights you still came home, to me. The pillowcase wore your after shave.

I saw our photo up against the wall, you were so tall. But I never became wary of that. You were my tower. You stood over me like a lighthouse. You were my pillar of strength. I never imagined me living without you in my life.

In this life, we find, we love, we lose. And even when you are gone, I realize love never leaves you….ever.


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