your scars are beautiful

Make me see the pain you have been through.
You will realize my eyes are filling with tears already.
My feet fail to be steady
at the sight of how I am completely ready to let my armor down for you.
But you have to be true
I want you to fill my gray with blue
The hue to life that breathes through clouds.
I will rain for you
Wash away the stains
Of a broken heart that loved too much.
Hush child! Hush! You need the touch of heaven.
To love you a little, hold you a little, just for a little time.
So whilst you are still mine, I want you to let me in.
Into your wounds and scars
Your beautiful stars on the sky
Which is your body.
They are the natural tattoos
That tell me who you are.
Make me feel the pain
You have been through.
I promise I will tell you too.

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