Don’t say it!

You said it is over
As if our feelings would melt
And the scent of the roses you sent
And time spent would be forgotten.
Would be forgotten by me.
You said it is over
As if you were not my lover
That we never exchanged ourselves through kisses
And notes of missing and craving you
You said it was over
As if my doors would invite strangers to play with the lights in my rooms
You did not recognize or realize that ‘over’ was not for us.
Us who became one
Who distance could not separate
Who communicated through sight
Who never gave up on a fight
Against the world
Together never apart.
So it is not over.
Don’t say it is.

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Say something I…

Say something I’m giving up on you

I’m giving up on the way our hands used to join and eyes met because lately you have made yourself foreign to me, to us, to what we were. This is getting too big to bear. So if you can hear me now, know that I need you to say something, anything, I would be there for you. If it means letting go of things you did that hurt me, I will, in a heartbeat, believe me I will not let you drown in your own tears. Let me in. Please let me into your heart.

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its been forever

The paper was there, white and bearing no crease. The pen’s presence was undeniable. I swear it could here my audible thoughts. And yet my hand could not rely emotions on paper nor hold the pen.
So I thought, “write a love letter”.
But love as you know it was polluted to even live on paper. So instead I wrote of kites. How I wanted to be one. Not for their colors or patterns but for their ability to fly.
I wanted to be a kite without any string attached or held back and controlled. Wanted the wind to carry me into the clouds that promised me rain. I had to go up there and remind them that I’m still holding my tears and they need to blend in with the rain. Dissolve the pain. This pain. This hurts me.
Cause honestly this writers’ block is costing me emotions…

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