Even if

Words this time, are not enough

not for explaining the pain I feel or the emotions that twirl in my mind

I have been contemplating to find

how my mind kept weaving thoughts of you in me

how the formed blankets, that have covered me inside places

I have never been, only with you.

Are the ones that tore and leave me to the cold.

Only you are the one who broke the promises you made.

And words like ‘sorry’ do not seem to reach me no more.

Not when the pain has been concetrated to the innner core of me.

How did you find that place I secretly hidden?

I have locked it and thrown the key somewhere

in between thoughts of a poem and a song

I wrote both to you.

Now, the feelings that made the words leave my mouth

are the ones that seal it

now that you have left a mark so painful it became a scar.


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