We die young

blinded eyes that see not the truth but lies

we bribe our mouths to speak hurt

to prove we too can be inhuman to another

have given thorns for flowers

so we die young

not knowing the reality that is

without love or trust

we believe we must

always lose ourselves to things

that kill us

and therefore

we die young

with our tongues tied

and our hands tired of being tried

we have mapped our faces

to the traces that have faded away

and unfortunately

become lifeless

without breathe

to voice out our own opinions

without fear



4 Replies to “Unfortunate”

  1. *sigh* This is heartbreaking and comes at a time when I’m in a place where I’m stuck at a crossroads where I’m tired of trying to LIVE and have started to allow myself to morph into things that I used to find appalling. Internally dying young… (O_o)

    This is how your piece resonates with me and whether that was your intention or not it has reminded me to try really hard not to be apathetic about my own choices. I’m a pessimist by nature, a believer in impending doom but my life is my own to guide….I wanna liiiive.

    Hahaha! Ok, this turning into a diary entry, which I hope you don’t mind too much.

    Thanks again for this. ❤

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