Fragments of love

“Let me love you, with your scars and wounds cause I have them too. Together we will be beautiful….”, he told me once. But that was when we shared time and made memories. Sometimes I wonder if he ever realized that he broke my heart. Somewhere one time he told people that we were just friends. When he knew me more than I knew myself. Explored the wounds that emerged from my bleeding heart. This part right here, is called regret. But I have learnt so much more than just being yours. I learnt that love has become just a word that people say anytime. They do not realize its magnitude. How those they tell, they love, keep those words closer to their hearts. Like you did me.

So once, I let you love me with ,my scars that were once fresh wounds from this other guy you protested you will never be like. Foolishly I let you love me. With a Band-Aid that you thought will, heal me. Honestly I never healed, I never knew that the wound was still bleeding from him, for him , about him and he never knew just like you do. I let you love me with my big scars that can be seen across my heart. My eyes reveal me to the world without permission, they see you and you see me. You see me with my tears welling at the edge of my eyes. And I try to smile though the creases are not of happiness but wonder. How can you tell me of love when you never loved. I knew you never loved.

And recently, I let you become him. For a second which turned into a minute and the minutes into a moment. It stays concretely colored on my mind. Even now, I can visualize it. And I remember how your voice sang me a song of love. A song of us. That we can do anything.

But we never did…


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