when we love

Us women, when we love, we open up our hearts
Expose every part and put whatever feelings in there.
Feelings we feel deep in here.
We love without boundaries
Though we know sometimes there is a line to draw
We love with so much hope
That we will not be hurt again.
We love, we LOVE damn it!
With all we are
We dare taste the hate we know and change it.
We move to prove we live
Even if most of the time we receive grief we leap!
From low to high
We love not what is seen
But what we feel
Beyond what hands can touch
But what hearts beat to. We love.
We love without labels or choice, love comes unexpectedly, repeatedly.
We give too much of us
Too much trust and the lust
Rusts away whatever bit of ‘love’ there was.
And still we get up when we fall
To pick up the pieces of our broken hearts.
And wipe the blood that poured out of it.
We love always,
We love everything
Even the pain and the drama
We pray for you to come around.
And see from us, feel like us
And know our loving.

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