Between Two…

My heart is inside another, and he believes it will stay there forever. But now it has seen another piece that belong to it in you. So where should it go? It need this new found piece to be complete because where it is is not where it belongs. It longs for you in it. But who are you? The one I’m with or the one I want to be with. I’m torn in between the two of you. Two of present and future. I know what I have is where my heart is presently. And where it will be in the future is in you.

Between two, should I stay with what I know or should I go be with the one who is calling my heart to places I have never been? Should I be content with what we have rather than expect the future? You have made promises to me, he has met them. You have told me you love me, he has shown me. You have even forgot to do the little things we used to do together and he? He has made those little things matter. I am wondering because I am afraid to do either. I guess between the two of you, I will choose me and him. The future.


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