September Secrets

“I’d like to propose a toast, “, he held the glass up, pushing back the tears in his eyes, “To my best friend, Tom, may you be happy in your marriage. Cheers!”. He left the room as fast as he could. He felt his feet become numb. And he stopped somewhere between the reception room and the parking lot.

Music played and people were laughing and smiling, celebrating the new marriage of Maya and Tom and Prince was broken. He had wished to be him who married Maya. Him who became her husband. Him. And as these thought circled in his head, he let tears flow. And in that moment, the bride came from behind him. “There you are! Are you ok?”, Prince recognized Maya’s voice anywhere. Wiping away tears from his eyes, “I’m fine. Why are you here?”, he cleared his throat. He felt her moving toward him, and he breathed in every scent on her perfume inside. Taking long deep breathes. “Prince, what is going on?”, she asked with worry. Prince left her there, never having looked into her eyes.

“I do not want to be selfish”, he said. “How can you be selfish, you have never been. Prince? Look at me”, she demanded. He wanted to move away from her but this was the time for him to tell her the truth. He turned around to look at her, eyes red and unable to breathe consistently. “Prince? Are you not feeling well?”. “Maya, there is something I need to tell you”, he moved to hold her hand and caught a glimpse of her wedding band. He hesitated for a while. “What is it?”, she prompted him. “I love you Maya”, he said finally catching his breathe. “Aww Prince, I love you too”, she assured him. “No! Maya. I, I, I am in love with you”. He looked into her eyes to make her see he meant every word. She looked at him and felt as if the Earth could swallow her whole. “I have always wanted to tell you but I never got the chance to explain”, he continued. “And now you are married to Tom, my best friend, and it is killing me that-“, she interrupted him “Oh my God! You love me? Tom told me you did not even like me. I had told him I like you”, as she spoke, Prince started to remember everything and he got angry then blurted out, “I had told him I like you and he said he will talk to you about it. He told me you never liked me as well.” They stood there in awe then Tom came. He saw the way the looked at each other. They had not seen him come. “So this is where you two kids are hiding?” Prince was so angry the only thing he could do was hit Tom and he did. He hit him hard. Tom never woke up.




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