Branches of us

Once upon a tree, we carved our named inside a heart. We were young and naïve, we thought we would be together forever. Forever never came because life as we know it, let death steal you away from me. Each day, people tell me to move on. But they do not know how I feel, they do not know how I deal with your absence.  I walked past the tree we spent time together under. It had no leaves and it was drying out. I know it is because it is winter, but for some reason, it felt like our love was withering and it hurt me. It hurt me even more when there were sweaty men with trucks that wanted to destroy our tree. And so, the tree being the only link I have to you, I hugged it. I held onto it hard though my hands could not embrace it whole, I tried as much. While I was there, I remembered the first time we sat back to back, you sang me a song. And at night we looked at the stars and you told me about the constellations. And the day you left, how you laid your head on my lap the day you died…



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