two is better than one

Before the earth knew itself, we lived then we were born after she blossomed. We did not want to live separately and so we stayed in there.

After birth, the first breathe we took brought us closer to dying. Then? We had not grown wings so we could never fly. We were learning how our heartbeats sounded. That was the music we danced to. Together.
We shared a lot before we saw the world. We breathed each other in.

I slept when you played, we twirled inside that place we cannot go back to. We can’t swim finger to toe, how can you go and leave me?

So, I don’t know you without me. We have been so entwined, I define you with me. I can’t let you go, so I will let myself go inside the Earth with you so that it swallows us whole, both.

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One Reply to “two is better than one”

  1. I wrote this poem for a dear friend of mine as an eulogy for his twin sister He gave me permission to publish it. He shall recite it at his twin sister’s funeral. May she rest in peace.

    Thanks for passing by.

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