return my heart

I want to erase the memory of when I met you. When our souls connected in the weirdest of ways, you put yours in mine.

I want to forget how your eyes smile each time we talk. How you ease the painful memories away. And how just by looking at me, you undress all the fear that consumes me.

I want to let go of the times we spent walking. Through corridors, through streets, where we met us young and curious. When we were serious to find truth in our feelings.

I want to remove the memories that the flowers have of us. How you cut them and gave me one. How their scents sent impulses which I never felt.

Yes it was a few days ago but it feels like years. Feels like I knew you before you made me think you love me. You made me feel for you when you never did for me.

Get out! Leave my heart! Don’t take anything anywhere, you don’t belong here anymore. Stop tugging at my gnawing heart. This should have been over a long time ago.

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