wrong kind of love

Not once did he let her think he cared. He was scared of those feelings. Afraid of how much they would destroy despite their beauty. It was his duty to not let anyone in. He could not let them see his real self. His loneliness. His humanness. He loved her. With everything he had, he was.

But it was not his place to love. She had become like a sister to him technically. And yet she was always in his mind. His marriage band became invisible whenever she came around. His feelings centered around her and he did not make time for his own wife. He was overpowered by the beautiful woman she was. In the heat of the moment, thinking that she felt the same, he exposed himself. His words exploded every bit of respect she had for him. And she was disgusted by his intentions. She wondered how he could have such irrational emotions. Then concluded that you can fall in love with anyone because we can never control who we love. But what off for a sister in law?


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