loosing an heir

What is happening? She questioned hysterically, panting and anxiously looking out of the mud window. It was small but she could see beyond it. She could hear Preston talking outside. She must get up and put on clean linen. That is the thought that came to mind. Yet she could smell blood and she could not move. She heard the guests burst into laughter outside and felt like she was the subject of their conversation. It tore at her heart but she let out no sound of a cry. She was confused. Just yesterday, she entered into her third trimester. Yesterday, she felt kicks and probably some thumb sucking. Yesterday she shared her body with someone else. Yesterday.

In that moment, she felt a tug and her back ached, she couldn’t move. She tried to reach out for the nearby stick on the floor to hit the wooden door and call for help, but she never succeeded.  No help came. Numbness traveled along her feet and she became cold. Blood did not stop gushing and she couldn’t yell for help. Her husband, Preston, was entertaining and it would be inappropriate to summon him from a meeting. After all a Queen knows better.

So ashamed, she lay there in pain letting go and letting God. Then not before long, she heard him coming in. She tried to move, using every strength she had left but her body was anchored to their matrimonial bed. His footsteps had lost the music they used to make each time he came to her. She wondered what she would say when he came and just then he came in, eyes met. She could see him angry and in shock but she couldn’t make sense of the situation. Preston stood there for a moment then left. She cried, finally.


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