The age stage

Wrinkle folds reveal stories untold.

Stories of the bold

bodies that hold

with hands that mould

the meaning of living..

So behold!

I have seen life firsthand

Have tasted the fruits of life.


engraved 1

The air that swept across Refuge carried a whiff of rain. The tasteful soil yelling to be engulfed. Yet we know beneath soil, the roots of trees grow, animals live under and the dead live. But that is not the thought that comes to mind when we take in the scent of after rain. And it would be a perfect moment if only the place where it rained, it was as peaceful. The ward of Refuge had very respectful nice looking people with evil hearts. But no one knew unless they lived amongst the perfect disaster. Where you will find the church going, generously giving but never forgiving types of people.

In a house once respected now unknown, lived a couple who moved in. A couple who by blood and origin where not supposed to be there. Yet they came anyway. Their names? Mark and Sam. Today, Mark wrote a letter. Each word he put down left with sweat in his palms, he was anxious and worried if the reader would ever understand his feelings. He still wrote and as ink left pen, time left him and he never even knew. In that piece of paper he wrote his thoughts, deep thoughts, of how he was the way he was. After that writing, aching fingers and beating heart. He took the letter and tore it.
“What is that?”, Sam asked. Her voice though sweet, unsettled him. He wanted to explain but he thought of the pain he would cause her. And so, “Just some old mail.” He didn’t sound confusing. She saw the pen and piles of paper on the table. “Mark, didn’t you promise you will stop with all this negativity?”, she said as she came closer to him. He looked away. And his eyes met the mirror, “Sam, I have to. Its only a matter of time now before-“, she could not let him continue. “You are not going to die.” She spoke with certainty yet she knew he may die in that moment.

Little did they know that someone was listening behind the paper thin walls. And they could not wait to share their new found secret….

engraved (intro)

People die before we tell them things we needed them to hear. Things that may make amends and fix things. Heal wounds. And eventually make us forget the regrets. And yet when we least expect, people leave us with unanswered questions, broken hearts, undelivered letters, keepsakes with photos of people we never met, hidden journals and leave us lost till we find the truth behind it all.

Sam knew that her secrets could not stay locked away forever. Even that time does not heal. And so it gets hard when guilt hits hard. Opening doors which she thought would never be found. And she finds the doors. The people behind them. And in realizing the web of hatred, mistrust, discrimination, prejudice, she found the center of it all. A person she thought was the one that had the key to her heart.

engraved (blurb)

The flowers’ scent faded. Their petals dried, fell off the stalk. The grass that was wrapped around it fell off and the wind blew it to her. She had to go on. She had to move towards her mother. She must be cold, she thought but that did not make her go back. The flowers had been there for months now. There had to be new ones.

But someone should say sorry to the flowers. Cut and taken from their families. Their greenness leaving them. Anyway, sorry. Flowers. In that moment, the image of the lowering coffin shadowed. Flowers adorning the coffin. And the soil that suffocated it.

The wind blew off the soil that hindered the carving on the stone. She stared at it awhile, as if searching for answers. As if seeing someone, she felt as if she was not alone. The wind embraced her. She read the words in a whisper. As if she needed to hear them and believe them.

The stone did not have much to it. Just carved for the ordinary and stood there. And answers lingered over it. She knew she had to find why her mother. Even though the words on her new home, where not true.

wrong kind of love

Not once did he let her think he cared. He was scared of those feelings. Afraid of how much they would destroy despite their beauty. It was his duty to not let anyone in. He could not let them see his real self. His loneliness. His humanness. He loved her. With everything he had, he was.

But it was not his place to love. She had become like a sister to him technically. And yet she was always in his mind. His marriage band became invisible whenever she came around. His feelings centered around her and he did not make time for his own wife. He was overpowered by the beautiful woman she was. In the heat of the moment, thinking that she felt the same, he exposed himself. His words exploded every bit of respect she had for him. And she was disgusted by his intentions. She wondered how he could have such irrational emotions. Then concluded that you can fall in love with anyone because we can never control who we love. But what off for a sister in law?