13 & more memories

Tumelo (faith) was an extraordinary person.

Like her name she was faithful in God, so much that it always left me in awe, never giving up easily. She knew God will pull her through.

When life got hard, she was inspired to do more. Her positive approach to life was one of a kind.

She had a gentle heart, always sharing and caring for other people before herself.

She was a sister, knew which words of comfort to say to anyone in despair.

She was a singer, sang so beautifully. I remember telling her sometimes and she would just dispute it but it was never an exaggeration.

She was respectful. The way, she would dress, never under dressing. She had such respect for womanhood at such a young age and it rubbed off on me.

She was a good listener. She had an opinion in most matters but she gave the other person time to speak. Never interrupting and was always seeking a peaceful understanding.

She was tolerant. She would always say, people are different and they can change, we just have to give them the space and time to grow and never judge.

In turn, she was an exceptional daughter. The ways in which she addressed adults and treating elders as her parents, showed her personality as a daughter.

She was humble and kind. Would rather give a beggar in the streets before she ate whatever she had. She had always been like then even after years.

She was a student, always determined to work harder to achieve, no matter the circumstance.

She was great friend, was there whenever and whenever, always made time because she believed that our purpose in life is to put other’s first.

She was my friend and as we go to lay her to rest this weekend, I’ll understand the saying: the good die young. And I will be consoled by the fact that I got to know such a beautiful soul.

Return If Possible



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