when i became a mother

I understood life better than before. Felt the meaning of true love and being there for people. You liberated me with your love, covered me completely with and without my flaws. And though just being a daughter before being a mother, I was still in awe of you. How phenomenal, strong and gentle you are.

I got to know the meaning of strength. Felt the pain you must have felt giving me a life. I thought of how much you have been in that situation. Made up memories of our moments. The times we have spent together in silence, in sleep and in deep thought. Protecting me from harm and even when I kicked telling you I was there, you re assured me with your rubbing warm hands. And how when I cried, taking in air, I nested in your arms. As I feed my son, I think of how you fed me. How you changed me when I was wet and bathed me when I was uncomfortable. How you taught me how to walk and talk and run and jump. You were that pillar to me and my siblings.

I know now, about giving Earth life and nurturing it. About how letting go is hard because in my eyes, my son will still be my baby, no matter how old he gets. I would not condone him denying me but I will still love him regardless. Got to knowing forgiveness. I will feel the same for my daughter if I ever have one. To be able to appreciate the wonder of being a woman. Now that I’ve experience the rite of passage.

Mom, I thank God for you. Your kindness and love for literature have rubbed off on me. I’m glad that I got the honor to be born by a woman of such stealth. I love you.

mom and me

mom and me

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