carry me

“Take me to a place where I am visible and audible. No one has taken me seriously before. They have all made me become phantom. My dreams have been seen as fleeting. They said my dreams had become stories which can never happen. Like how I wish you to come home and carry me to our world. Where everything is the same again”, taking off her spectacles and wiping a tear from her eye, she stayed glued to her book. “Come back to me, for us, for us to-“.

Her voice was echoing in the hallway, he knew it. Or at least he thought he did. It reminded him of when he was madly in love once, but he couldn’t remember when or put a face to the name. He stood by the door and she didn’t see him. How could she? There was a huge crowd and he could never be part of the audience. It has been four years. He had went to war. In her mind, he had died.

“Take me with you. Don’t ask me to stay here”, she paused for a moment. Feeling some unknown emotion, she lifted her head up. And she saw him. Their eyes met. That moment was overwhelming to her. She thought him a ghost. He couldn’t be here. It had been 2years without contact and to her he was dead. She quickly went back to her book. She had to finish the reading, answer her audience’s question, sign her books and share insight to her book. She had not scheduled Paul to appear at her novel debut or at all.

“Sign mine, ‘I love you'”, she lifted her head in disbelief to what he just said. This time, his charm swayed her. She couldn’t look away. Unexpected,”Why are you here?”, she asked. He was shocked to her words. And she assumed the worst. Her eyes were angry and full of questions. And time was not on her side. “Paul?, why are you here?”, she asked again, firmly. “I’m sorry, how do you know my name?”, he was serious and she burst out laughing. “Such a bad joke!”, he was not amused one bit, “Anyway, my fiancée loves your book, I came in late and she is as work so could you please sign this for me? I’m running late”, he said smiling and pulling out Melanie’s photo.

She felt like she was hit by a bus. Her eyes reddened and tears flowed. She got up and ran. Paul was confused to the whole situation and followed her. “Did I say something to offend you?”, he lifted his hand to comfort her and she hit him instead. With her tired-written-all-day hands. No voice was coming from her miming lips. She wept so much, her body failed her. And she fainted, there in his arms. At the balcony, where the sun was setting. He saw her necklace with a pendant. Curiosity got the best of him and he opened it, there he was him and her on photo and he got up, went to look for help and left the building. Without the book, and the pendant in his hands her drove to his best friends’.

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