reality check

Dear diary

Love stops. Somewhere, somehow it ends. When you reach a point where abusive words and creepy behavior can no longer be tolerated. You get fed up to the brim and even if you seem ok to others, you are not. Till someone worthy changes that.

How much we trusted people to love us beyond our insecurities, changes. We finally give the keys with the right key holders to the right person to unlock ourselves and find a place in our hearts.

And yes! The feeling of letting go of the one you have left a long time ago, liberates you. And when that someone thinks its impossible for you to never feel the same about them and they self justify with fake promises and blackmails. Having a child is not a binder, live goes on and you find that person who has had that missing part of the puzzle to complete it all.

I am glad, I found him and he is a better father than the one who unfortunately is suppose to be. And he never asked for me without my son, but all of us three. Thank God for my Dawn.

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3 Replies to “reality check”

  1. This is something many young women should realize. That they are not tied to the father of their child especially is they not keeping their end of the bargain. May you continue to share such enlightment and blessings shower you.

    Thank you

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