love will find you

Walking on the grassy road this morning, I saw something beautiful. There was dew on the grass and little rainbows on its blades. And the air carried whiffs of after rain: tasty soil. It was refreshing.

The image of beauty was there in front of me. That is when mortality became real. That wounds do not really heal. But hope helps form scars and though they hurt, it becomes better.

I saw and old couple, still in love. Without fully ability to move, they helped each other to walk. And their wrinkles were not of age,but of smiles and I saw that, briefly when they passed past. The old man shook my hand and said, ‘Love comes with time and lasts with time’. So my inquisitiveness sprouted within me, I had to prompt him with that meaning.

He told me that she found her about 6 months ago. At a cemetery where they both were adorning flowers on their loved ones graves. That he found love and a point where he was not looking for it, so was she. And they feel as if they have never lost love, just lives because love lives on.

So, I was inspired to not search for love, to live and for love to find me. Their happiness and content somewhat proved that.

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