13 things I wish Botswana to undo

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write, now the Daily Post gave me the inspiration:

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

But instead of something, it’ll be somethings I wish to undo. And they may not necessarily be invented things , just some of my wishes. So, in no particular order;

  1. Education: Stop favoring college courses under the name of ‘need based’. The medical courses we are flooding students in get saturated. We need artisans, educators, multimedia personnel, pilots, architects, lawyers too. Balance the scale will you?
  2. Education still: Allow children to specialize in an expertise they are good at. We realize that as soon as Junior school. The reason why people are now confused as to what to do its because they do not follow their hearts but what society has made them to be. Hence courses are failed and discontinued, people drop out without reason and people change courses year in, year out.
  3. Health: Stop with publicizing limited information ie talking about one ‘positive’ part of circumcision. Say the whole thing: pros and cons. That is why people tend to think circumcision prevents HIV.
  4. Health again: HIV/AIDS is not the only dread disease which kills us. Cancer and Diabetes do as well. Talk about that too.
  5. Government: Have the two political parties instead of the many uprisings which are power hungry and disregard people.
  6. Government again: The concept of being an Member of Parliament, and a Minister at the same time is reason why jobs do not get done in time. yes I said it, and it is true. I wish Botswana to be more focused and less selfish.
  7. Tradition: I acknowledge the concept of giving the dead respect but why the need to have a whole week offering ‘fake’ condolences. I termed them ‘fake’ because they have now lost their importance. I want the concept of having the mourning family spend at a funeral, buying food (of all kinds) to serve those who came to comfort them to stop. Isn’t it suppose to be the other way round?
  8. Tradition again: The same goes for weddings. Why the need to have the whole village come to eat at a wedding of people they do not even know and not even have the courtesy to bring a present? Why not the invitation of close family and friends? I find the traditional concept of cooking tons of food to total strangers absurd.
  9. Batswana attitude: I want Batswana to change their mindsets about life. We are given so much opportunities, its too much. Think outside the box and create jobs and stop complaining about unemployment.
  10. Batswana attitude again: Owning a car and driving it all the time, even when it is not necessary. Walk, take a bicycle, it wouldn’t make you late or pollute the environment more than the many second hand cars already do.
  11. Transportation: I wish Botswana could bring back rail transport. Its quicker, prompt and efficient. Less accident prone even, now more cars are brought and the roads are not even that safely built.
  12. Art appreciation: I wish Batswana could respect and lift up artists, not that they are better than others but that they too can help diversify our economy.
  13. Tradition positive: Speak Setswana! Yes I have written in English but how will you have gotten what i wanted to put across? Its our language, and soon I find it fading because when I converse in Setswana with my age-mates, they find me ‘uncool’. Why? They are not used to speak their own language.

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