green eyed

Let me tell you something I’ve never mentioned before. We have green eyes in our family. Yes green! Like grass and as it changes by season, they change during the day. Well me, my second elder brother and my young sister. We get them from my father. His sister’s children have those eyes. And so does she. The camera is hating on me, producing a lighter shade of green in the photos below.

‘Where did you get those contacts’, ‘Are you wearing lenses?’, these are some of the things that not a week goes by without being asked. When I was young, they teased me because I was different. I was the odd one till I grew up and colored eyes became popular in my country. And so, I used to wonder why I did not have black or brown eyes. Why my dad’s were like that. For an African men, born and bred, how could he have inherited such eyes, such genes and I too had them.

My son’s eyes, these days, they are becoming more like mine, or at least I have been told. I see it too but capturing them has been quite a challenge hence his picture is missing from this post. I guess my eye color are dominant and have found their way to the eyes of my son.

I get a rush of adrenaline when fill in papers. Searching for a space to describe the real color of my eyes. But I get blank spaces of yes and no, relationship statuses and questions of where I live. As if my address will be used and I’ll get my passport delivered in the mail box. Or fill in the blanks for my email address, never for eyes. I want to write green or hazel as some call it. I prefer green like rare emeralds. I always pause when I fill in information on legal papers. Color of eyes: I fill in brown. I have been doing that for I might get caught out one of these days. I have been doing this for sometime now, it has become habit. A bad habit because it is not true. It has become so normal, like everyone else. But am I really brown eyed? Do I write what is required from the society of black and brown eyed people? How did I not get either. Where am I from? Where are we from?

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