sing me a soulful song

Sing me a soulful song from the hymns I sung when I was young. Songs which brought out the child in me, when I sang them carefree, out of tune, tone, pitch. While I danced in unison to the rhythm of stomping feet and clapping hands. I prayed, yes! I did. Without knowledge of prayer, yet I prayed real. I sang badly but I did even so, at the top of my voice, shouting praises in confidence. I was not taught that, I did it anyway as we sang soul songs before, during and after church. I sang them whilst going about house chores, taking a walk and even sing myself to sleep. They soothe, kill the pain.

I listen to them still, through radio waves and TV channels but its not the same. They have put in instrumentals, changed the lyrics, changed the arrangements. They are not the same anymore. Just earlier on today during church service, a woman sang this song , ‘My soul says yes my Lord’. The harmony, the melody, was redeeming. I missed Lobatse all over again, jumping with eyes closed, singing.

Sing me such a song, that will remind me memories from before, which make me wonder what’s in store for me from here. A song which will have me replaying it over and over again. That would tear at my being, my existence, mixed amidst smiles seen on faces of those who listen and sing along to it.

Don’t write me a love song, just sing me a song from within. With emotions of how God gave me you when I thought I’ll never find love. When you hold my hand at the altar, and you have my left hand as you are about to place a ring on my finger. Instead of vows, sing me that song. And as we take our first dance sing me that song. Your voice, God gave to you to be shared, I think it would be a blessing to be the one you write a song and sing to.

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