5 Years Of Silence (leaving)

The mirror pieces were too sharp. They reflected at her scared face, severed by anger. The wind shook the trees outside her window and she could feel its breeze and smell the whiff of rain. ‘What have I done?’, her hands shaking and feet anchored to the floor, she couldn’t move, ‘Wake up! Please, wake-‘, there was a knock on the door. The light shone on the mirror pieces and she was too shaken to think of what to do. Just then, a voice came out, ‘You need to go. Leave him there, call an ambulance and come let’s go!’. She snapped back to reality, her heart thumping so hard, it could leave the claws of her ribs.

Sara came in and took Sandra’s hand. She saw her pain, she did that before, when nothing else could be done and violence was the only resort. She saw the broken bits of glass and Jake lying there as if dead. He couldn’t be dead, she only smashed the mirror onto him and he never woke up, it had been 5 minutes. 5 long minutes that took away the heroic stance of self defense. 5 minutes that stripped her off fear. ‘We should go, the police would be here any minute’. They left the room hand in hand and Sandra’s eyes still pinned on Jake, ‘I really pray he’s alive’, letting out a silent whisper.

That night’s dreams were the worst she ever had. Sweat bathed her wet and she heard the sound of the breaking mirror constantly. Playing like a soundtrack during her and Jake’s fight. She did not sleep, her eyes were wide open and her mind alert. She stared at the alarm clock and when it rang, so did her cell phone. Sara was at the end of the line, shaken voice, whispering tone, ‘Pack your bags and leave, don’t tell anyone where you are going. Just go, now’.

Taking everything she could carry, she fled her small town of Lobatse. She did not know where to go, who to go to, how to get there and what to use. Yet she left, running away from the possibility of death, of imprisonment, of torment from being abused by Jake, her Jake, the boy she fell in love with 5 years ago.

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