a writer’s dream

1. The sound of paper woke me up in the middle of the night.

2. The pillow next to me had a pen on it and the pen stared at me.

3. Just when I was about to document my dream, my cell phone rang.

4. Instead of answering, I let the ring tone go on a little, then I picked it up and the person on the other line had lost patience.

5. I went to the kitchen to get some water. The silhouette of the dancing trees outside the window scared me a little. It was as if there were people out there.

6. When I took a glass from the cupboard, I had a feeling someone was behind me so I lit up the kitchen and no one was there, the dancing leaves were gone.

7. There was a movie playing in the lounge, and just then I remembered the dream. I did not watch it.

8. Water in hand, I drank from the glass. Even in darkness I could see its clarity. It sparkled, I thought.

9. The mirror reflected me as I looked at the pen and paper. Just then I wrote a poem on “reflection”

10. The phone rang again and this time, I answered it. No one spoke at the other line. I started to think about stuff like dead relatives but I never returned the call.

11. I wrote about the dream finally and then I heard voices coming from the lounge. I went there with expectations of robbers then to my surprise it was the movie playing. So I switched it off.

12. Maybe I was suppose to be scared but I wasn’t. Till I woke up and there were no paper, pens. I was dreaming of a dream.

13. So this is the dream I just shared. Meaning?

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