missing you

I await your letter. Hand written, kissed and scented with you. Written by you and hopefully water marked with tears. Your tears. Written with blue ink which match the color of the skies. Of the water, sea water, salty sea water, deep salty sea water. Blue, true, you…

The water keeps washing the sea sand grains between my toes, over and over again. Running over my skin, carrying my eagerness, lightning my worry. Imagining you seated and writing me your experience there. With your write hand narrate to me the beginning and ending of us. Its a story which never gets old. Sounds new each time and only different for the fact that now its documented from you to me.

I await to see the strap you’ve wrapped it in. Not a silk ribbon, probably one of your shoe laces, or a leaf. You can be creative at times. And I wouldn’t mind its the thought that count. So, where is it? Where are you? The sea sings of waves and migrating birds only, no sound of news for me. Where are you? I’ve walked across the coast and no sign of your letter.

I await it from sunset to sunrise and the winds scare me but I still stay. Still hope it will show up. So that I touch the paper you touched, kissed, and cried on. So that I am with you again. But there is no letter delivered by water from me to you. Just waves and no sign of a bottle. I guess you are really gone this time. The sea helps me deal… And the water helps me heal…

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