i found my romeo

Not William’s, no, mine. Last night when I took a walk around my neighborhood.  We spoke about literature and music and all the while his voice was all I listened to. It sang new beginnings to me. Gently sinking into thought.

So our conversations inspired something from the past to happen. Something like talking about chocolates and he was no exception. We danced under the moonlight and the stars lit up so brightly. They aligned in some rare way: displaying a proposal constellation. There were no words to express what I felt.

It was perfect while it lasted. While I felt the warmth of his embrace and soothing heartbeat. And even the scent of his cologne which took me to a place we once went to. Scent of rain water on soil. It was perfect till the alarm rang abruptly in the middle of the night. Curling back to sleep never brought the dream back. Just when I tossed & turned, he called me. How can this ever end…

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