In scars I found stories.
They screamed at me silently and suddenly shocked me
Made me realize the real lies they thought to conceal
With make up hoping it would
Make up for it all:
The beatings, the torture,
The killings, the violence
Present and never absent
Never in their eyes

Hands pricked and slashed
By thorns and blades
That made them bleed
And feed onto pain-endless
The very emotions;
Poisoned passions of lust
Wounded hearts that felt more
Than required
Of young curious mind
Serious to find truth
And end up with too much of it,
Never able to handle any of it.

Beyond the healed skins once openly cut
At times when eyes were wide shut
Unable to escape the hurt
And blurt it out in allowed aloud shouts
Shooting the hands of those
Who attempt to cover them

The scars told stories that took place at night
When no one else was in sight
In the deepest darkest corners denied light
And small bodies which shrunk in fright;
Weak not strong enough to fight
The pain gained in that rainy night
Was then tattooed and therefore
Cause it was amplified by cries
And then denied
Broken promises clearly defined
Through the unmistakable sight of scars.

Posted by P.A.W. from WordPress for BlackBerry.


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