This time, no words spared, I want to run into the wind. To have it carry away the heaviness of my broken heart and bloated ego. I need words, not the kind used and abused almost every time. Said only you please, without meaning.

I dream of letting go like rain clouds, cry it out. Pour out burdens which ache my shoulders. Grow hope from my seeds of pain. Black seed of doubt that sprout from the seeds of my pain. And have the flowers beautify and perfume with scents, unknown yet refreshing.

Those three words are not enough. It has been a rough journey, finding me. But the thorns did not stab me, so I’m here still. Still waiting for meaning. Waiting to live and find other unused words which mean the same as those three.

Tonight, I forget the hurt. Forget the constant pleads for starting over, unforced and natural. To think of your life, every expectation and emotions that will come with every moment. And look at you, my sun. That for me is celebration enough.

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