the sharp knife of a short life

This festive season, my facebook has turned into an obituary. I have literally become scared of visiting it as often as I did. I have lost friends. Young people who had so much to live for. But life as we know it, has an end. And death has recently become a journey more travelled.

I remember when I was still in India the many people who died here at home in my absence. I knew my presence would not bring them back but yet I had hoped for better days, to seeing them again.

As I listen to The Band Perry’s “If I die young”, I end up reminiscing on my death. However it is not as gloomy as it may seem, it is actually a reflection of the shortness of life. And how it pains those we leave behind. I don’t know when and how but we have that knowledge that we are all going to die anyway.

Most young people’s deaths in Botswana are due to car accidents as a result of drunk driving. Drinking has become a risky habit as of late and unfortunately people do not seem to recognise that. That they shorten peoples lives. That having fun costs families of their members. There shouldn’t be parking lots at bars! But before I get carried away, I shall stop there.

Now back to the relevance of this post, it would be worthwhile to live life as fully as you can and when you can. We never know when the time comes. Truth be told: You only live once.

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