Emotional Transmission

I send you love, through water

so that it cradles you

in its wave movements

and carries you to lively moments.

Love that would cleanse you clean

make you float

drown your sins by the coast

Love that will run over your

teary eyes and make you see anew

Love that will be smelt

through the scent of oceanic water

like tasteful tears.

I send you love

heard by the wind that blows the water

through oyster shells

once with pearls

love felt by the coldness

of the wind brushing against this being

seeing you respond to that love I send you

Love that will embrace you

enter your body and make you live more

make you feel sand grains as you touch the ocean’s floor.

Love that is not just spoken but felt in each sense

I send you love through water…


2 Replies to “Emotional Transmission”

  1. Such a beautiful poem! “Love that will embrace you” – wouldn’t it be lovely if, all over the world, it was always so…

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